IT-610D Automatic Soap Dispenser
IT-610D Automatic Soap Dispenser

Powered with compact opto sensor electronic with advance comprehensive
programming to meet ultimate requirements. The sensing electronic is design to
perform under all conditions that may arise. Enclosed with quality 304 stainless steel
grade casing

General specification
Brand : iTech
Size : Ø100mm x 220 mm
Volume capacity : 650mL
Discharge Volume : adjustable
Material used : Stainless Steel 304
Operating Time : 0.1 seconds
Operating Temp : 0 – 40˚C
Battery Operated
Battery size : DC 9V (AA x 6 pcs)
Battery Life : Min. 1 yrs
150cycles / day
Universal Electronic
• low power consumption.
• 100% waterproofing in the electronics and cables. Infra-red sensitivity is automatically adjusted to ambient.
• When low voltage is detected, the electronic will auto cut-off all cartridge valve function to prevent continuous water flow.
• 'RED' LED low voltage indicator
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